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Following the opening and immediate success of the antiques showroom in 1996, Charles decided to grow the showroom to include fabric. With boutique lines in mind he sought out to represent the best from Europe and the US. Today we have a well curated, wide range of fabric lines.

Shortly after expanding the showroom to include boutique fabric lines, it only seemed fit to bring in a selection of boutique wallpaper lines to the showroom. Our wallpaper collections are in a wide range of designs and colors, contemporary to classic.

Our boutique lines of made-to-order furniture include Eva Quateman Essentials, Spectrum Ltd., Tisserant Art & Style, Seguso, and our own Charles Spada Collection.  

Our list of lighting vendors include CL Sterling & Son, Le Deun Luminaires, Tisserant Art & Style, Seguso, Liz Marsh Designs, as well as our own Charles Spada Collection.

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Pine country cupboard

New in the showroom

A selection of new artwork and furniture are available in the showroom. Click the links below to learn more, call us at 617-204-9270 or email the showroom

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Charles Spada

The New Year is Here

“The New Year” is here.  By the time this posts the world around us will have rung in 2022 and hopefully rung out all that was dreary, nasty, and

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Charles Spada

Check it out

I love a good gingham check! Give me a curtain, a shirt, dress a table or don a dress in a lively check! And, who doesn’t get

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Charles Spada

Good Old English Oak

I have always been a huge fan of sturdy English cottage furniture – the uncomplicated style of dark country oak, well patinated in all its forms. There

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