Based in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, Caroline Inchyra has created a range of unique and timeless textiles and wallpapers.

What started as an obsession with finding a way to recreate old linens, both in look and feel, has resulted in a collection which Country Life magazine applauds as being “admired for its subtle colour palette and fine quality sustainable linens”. Caroline says: “I find inspiration in something found, perhaps a scrap of antique fabric or an old shawl, and the route may be to simply recreate something that no longer exists and give it new life, or it may be to edit and play with form, colour or size to create something new. I try to always link what we’re doing back to fabrics that we already have so that the whole collection works comfortably together. A house decorated in our fabrics feels lived in, it feels comfortably luxurious, you know that you are surrounded by a level of real quality.”