Milieu Magazine

Miguel Flores-Vianna

Milton, MA


My home in Milton Massachusetts, most likely a keeper and most likely the last of over the 46 houses I have owned (some barely lived in). 

Proud and sturdily built in 1946, “The American Dream Home” like mine was one of thousands built specifically for GI’s returning home from the war. These were built to last a reinvention of the American “colonial” that became so popular post war – a New England style second only to the inimitable Cape Cod design.
I fell in love with the simple, honest architecture of the new style ushering in what would become the forerunner of a new and simpler, more utilitarian home. Add to that, each of the sun filled rooms seemed to be waiting to be refreshed, moldings and trims added, details that were non-existent as a matter of fact. These houses, zoning permitted, also accommodated comfortable spaces easily added on to the existing structure. A wonderful and fun challenge to bring into the 21st century. 
Renovations long completed, the gardens planted and well established over the years, an art studio added semi-hidden in the now almost forested rear garden, it’s a definite keeper.
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