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Normandy, France

Le manoir de berthouville

“In restoring the Manor de Berthouville (c 1652) or any home of historical importance, never leave your footprint. A Period house such as the Manor de Berthouville Circa 1652 must be renovated so carefully so as to never disturb the patina of age.

The kitchen was brought down to its original plaster and massive beam work. Two service kitchens were created from old store rooms adjacent to the main room where I added a massive workstation surrounding the stove.

Shots of dining room and salon show restored paneling added late 18th century when the original hunting lodge was converted into the private summer residence for the Bishop of Le Bec Helouin. Originally these rooms comprised a vast dining hall. I had the painted paneling scrubbed three times with a strong solution of diluted lye and water to remove years of grime from the fireplaces and nicotine bringing back the original soft gray color.”

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